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    Case: Two homes, one museum (Brussels, Belgium)

    In a partnership between the Belgium museum BELvue and the Federatie voor Mondiale en Democratische Organisaties (FMDO) a guided tour has been created through the museum by guides with a diverse immigration background. The tour: 2 (t)huizen, 1 museum (two homes, one museum) doesn’t focus on the museum but on the stories the guides have experienced and how they relate them to the objects on display in the museum. Background As the museum about Belgium and its history BELvue presents their country through seven different themes; democracy, prosperity, solidarity, pluralism, migration, language and Europe. The museum strives to be a place that facilitates new encounters and the exchanging of thoughts…

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    Case Study: SMAK’s Chocolate Workshops (Gent, Belgium)

    The Municipal Museum of Contemporary Art (SMAK) in Gent organized chocolate-making workshops in 2017 for people who fled due to war. The outcome was part of an exhibition, which was intended to be seen as a form of art. The objectives of this project were to tackle multiple social issues by connecting them in one workshop. Organization Since 2015 Europe has dealt with a migrant issue due to the war in Syria. Like many other European countries, Belgium had to come up with a plan to house those who sleeked asylum. In the following years, Belgium became more creative in housing people in need as more institutions opened their facilities.…

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